Feel the same    Listen

I had to go around the world

To get exactly where I am

A lot of people along the way

Have told me that they feel the same

I made my boat out of steel

But my boat still floats

I know a gun is meant to kill

But maybe mine won't

And if you ask me how I feel 

I will probably lie

So tell me what's the big deal about staying alive?

Sometimes the rain just makes me feel dry

And when you stand on your head you look down at the sky

Those who have no appetite

Will never starve

Those who have no rules

Will never break the law

Wells that have no bottom

Will never dry

Those who don't believe in life

Will never die

Those who fear the darkness

Will never see the light

And he who wants to live in peace

Will always have to fight

Blue Lights    Listen

I know our love is real, forever

Sometimes I think that we're in heaven

I know that I can be for you what you have been for me.

My dear, you're here

And even when I'm not, I'm near

And I'm no longer scared to say

Forever and ever and ever and ever

Baby, look at the blue lights

Feel my heart

Baby, let's dance together

I'll give it all I got

I'll take off all my shields

It's been a while since I have freed myself to feel

It's just a shame it took so long and you're no longer here

Message    Listen

We got a message for you people on planet earth

You're gonna get something that you'll never forget

Bringing spicy grooves and some crazy moves

So tasty and delicious you're gonna lick your fingers

We'll make you fly

We'll make you shout and clap your hands

You'll feel so high

You'll never cry again

So if somebody is trying to sell you 

Something that sounds like groove

And you find it hard with in you

To get down and break a move

So come and join us, don't you worry

It's gonna be delish

Our spicy funky finger licking effect dish

We'll make you fly…

Who here thought the funk is gone

Who here thought the funk is back

The funk is not gone the funk is not back

It has been here all the time just filling the cracks

Feeling the beat yo!

Hitting on the one!

Taking to the bridge!

We've only just begun

All Day Long    Listen

All day long

I've been waiting

For you to come

And take me

All day long I've been waiting

Sitting here and doing nothing

Watching all that shit on T.V.

And I think I'm going crazy

I'm talking about you

I'm talking about me

I'm talking about the way that we're gonna be

Just open the door and let the sun come in

Cause you know I've been waiting

All day long

Honey Pie    Listen

Checking out my wallet

Looking for a dime

I can't find nothing

But at least I got a rhyme

Now all I wanna do

Is sing this song for you

Baby its true

It's me and you

Flying high in the sky

Across the universe

You're my honey pie

Flying high in the sky

Across the universe

You're my

Honey pie

Words are really worthless

So I have been told

But use them to express my love

They'll be worth much more than gold

Now put them into music

And to your heart I aim

I know it won't be long 

Till you will feel the same as I do.

Flying high in the sky….

Let's go around the world without getting out of bed

We'll see the wall of china and Mars is really red

And from a million miles above 

We'll see our home our bed our love

Flying high in the sky….

Heal Me    Listen

Heal me now

Take me in

My soul is run down

Don’t know where to begin

Treat my wounds

Get me clean

As soon as I'm ready I'm going back in

Take the time

There's no other way to stop this crime

My heart is bleeding every second I'm alive

Heal me now 

Fill my need

I know why I've started

And it wasn't for greed

Take the time..

My day has come

Take the lead

My fighting is done

I got nothing to bleed

The Next Level    Listen

Somehow I got myself into a loop

Like a trained circus tiger jumping through flaming hoops

The Minute I achieve a goal instead of feeling whole

There is a black hole

I find no rest at all

Got to move on to a new day a new thing 

From a far I hear machines

Going che ching che ching bling bling

Don't know if they call for me

But I have got to come closer to see

Need to find someone that will show me the way

I feel so tired I've been at it night and day

Trying to crack the code for fortune and fame

Somehow I have to take my game

To the next level

Now that I'm here 

No end I fear

When the game is almost over I don't feel I come out stronger

If anything, I grew weaker

What will become of me when all has been achieved?

I've got to stay on track

Don't want to go down a level 

Live In The Country    Listen

I moved in to the city

Got settled in the south

The view here aint so pretty

But the rent is low enough

And if I'll play my cards right

I won't have to have it rough

Live in the country

Ride my horse, milk my cow

Live in the country

Catch some channels on my satellite

Live in the country

When it's hot then it's hot

Live in the country

That's exactly where I'm not

I got myself a day job

Started punching nine to five

Cause in this freakin' city

You've got to work to stay alive

And if I miss this bus then

I'd better catch that cab

We Gonna Funk    Listen

We gonna funk

Till we just can funk no more

It's an ongoing message

But that's what's in our core

We gonna funk

Till we just can funk no more

And that aint gonna happen 

Cause we're your funky shore

Our door is always open

Whenever you feel down

When the rhythm of life forsakes you

In the middle of the round

Forgot where you were aiming

Your vision is all fogged up

This is where you need us

To get rid of all that crap

If your train has suddenly got derailed

Just relax, no need to get all pail

Just push the play button on any of our tracks 

And we'll show you how to get down

Happy Dance   Listen

Since the dawn of time

Or at least the dawn of groove

People have found a way to move

It’s a language we can't stand

Cause if we stand you can't understand

But the minute we break free

Of our day to day chains you see

It all comes so easily

I see you get what I'm talking about

So let's get down and shout

Funk you, everybody in the house

Raise your hands

Shake your bootie to release the stress

All you got to do is 

Take a chance

Feel the joy and do the happy dance

When the spirit of your dance is deep

You keep shakin' in your sleep

The best thing is when we all become one mass

That's what I call top class

A bunch of people, A whole bunch of people

A whole bunch

Crunch together

A whole bunch

Touch each other, Dance together, feeling one another

Brush against, break a sweat, getting' wet

Make a move, set the date

Who needs words to communicate?

Its time to get up, cause you don’t want to be late.

When the going gets tough, the tough go dancing

Stay The Night   Listen

We had a good time right?

That means that’s the right time

To share a physical rhyme

Its no crime

Tell you the truth

I think it will be one

If we won't

It well bee one

Don't be so tight

I'll stay the night

Why be so shy

Don’t you know that I want you to?

You climb up high

And see the view

Don't worry love

Cause I'm gonna be there with you

Now is it so bad

I didn’t think so

Worth the wait

Our second date

I was on the first time I laid eyes I knew

We'll end up doing

What we should be doing

This minute

Right now

Ooh baby wow

Don't be so tight…..

What I feel is true

Give me a chance and I'll prove it to you

I know you feel it too

So let's stop dropping clues

Funk'n'stein - The Next Level