Singer, musician and song writer.

Lead singer of Funk'n'stein, an funk band founded by him and Guri Alfi 15 years ago.

Today Funk'n'stein are on their way to a third album and performing in clubs and festivals in Israel and around the world.

Dekel works with many other artists, as a musical producer, writer, singer and musician, among them: Kutiman, Karolina, Avi Adaki, Shanan Street, Avi Lebovich and the Orchestra, Dafna Dekel, Geva Alon and many more.

Some of the projects he took part in lately:

  • Lead the 'Tonight Show Band' on the late night talk show 'Tonight with Lior Shline'.
  • Joined Bryan Steiner in founding 'Lunacidal Tendencies' - A musical project with 35 musicians, coming together in the rock,r&b,folk, colorful album 'After The End' that was produced by Bryan and Dekel.
  • Produced Avi Adaki's first studio album 'Grateful'.
  • Took part in writing for Karolina's first solo album, 'What will I Do Now?' amongst the songs are 'Af Ehad Lo Ba Li' and 'Tzar Li Charlie'.
  • Wrote lyrics and sang in the album 'Nekudot', a project produced by Alon Freeman. Amongst the songs he sang was 'Yesh Ba' that was released on the radio.
  • Together with Kutiman, wrote and sang on Kutiman's release 'Dover.D'.
  • These days Dekel is finishing the work on his second solo hebrew album and on Funk'n'stein's third album, both will see light in the next few months.
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Jimi hendrix
Marvin gaye

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black sabbath


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