Elran Dekel has been writing lyrics and music since his high school days. other than writing for his band Funk'n'stein and for other artists, he writes also for himself.

In 2006 Dekel released his debut solo album 'Kaha'. His own production, where he played all the instruments and wrote the music and lyrics to most of the songs.

Dekel's style, in his hebrew solo release, is different than his other work. It is more personal and very connected to his roots and israeli musical influences.

Listen to songs from 'Kaha' - Mila SheliBekav HateferShir Pashut, Zman.

Dekel's 2nd album is in the making and is planned to be released in 2014. This time the album was a joint production with the sound department of Kineret college in north of Israel and also some amazing musicians and friends, among them are: Yossi Mizrahi, Yair Slutzki, Maya Belzitzman and Idan Kupferberg.